World Impact

World Impact

Local Mission

Holland Church is deeply involved in our community. As a church, we support Campus Life, People’s City Mission, the Norris Food Pantry, and a variety of local ministries. Individuals also support local efforts, such as food backpacks, health-related organizations, youth sports, etc.

Our ball field and play area are a center activity in the warmer months.

Our Wednesday night meal is open to all and is supported by donations.

Global Reach

Holland Church has an impact around the world, through its support of missionaries and organizations that meet human needs. We support a missionary couple in Alaska, as well as a missionary couple who legally live and work and share Christ in a country we cannot safely name on the web. We support the worldwide radio ministry of Words of Hope, which sends the gospel into the “hard places” of the world, where few mission groups operate.

Holland Church has taken a special interest in Camp ID-RA-HA-JE, a Christian camp in Colorado with a great impact. The camp director grew up in the Holland Church. Work groups sometimes go to the camp.

Throughout the year, Holland Church supports special projects promoted by our mission committee and women’s ministry.

A Leader in World Missions

The Reformed Church is known for its mission efforts throughout the world, pioneering the spread of the Good News in China, India, and even the Middle East. The Reformed Church in America is not a large denomination but is at the forefront of church revitalization and growth in the United States. To learn what is going on today, click at left.